Display AdvertisingWhen people think of display advertising, they typically picture a great big billboard on the side of the road that most drivers do their best to ignore. They’re behind the wheel, after all. But when it comes to cruising the information superhighway, people can multitask like crazy. What better road to place an advertisement on than that? If you’re a business owner who wants to increase the online visibility of your company, the idea of internet display advertising should tickle you from head to toe. Alas, there are some folks who think about it and get a knot in their gut. Why? Because there are so many variables involved that it devolves into a time consuming chore. Lucky for you, then, that Active Internet Marketing can do all of that for you – and with far more professional, measurable results.

What Are the Different Kinds of Online Display Ads?

There are actually a fairly sizable variety of online display ads, which comes as a surprise to those who only think “banner ads” when they think of internet display advertising. Yes, banner ads are one of the most popular methods of advertising your company brand online and an effective means of driving traffic to your site through a simple click. But there’s a lot more to display advertising than this. Here are just a few of the most popular and effective that AIM can help you explore.

  • Roadblock Ads – This sounds a bit intimidating and even dangerous, but remember, there’s no such thing as an information superhighway pileup. At least not in the sense that anyone can get injured. A roadblock ad is a full-screen display advertisement that comes up when someone’s trying to access a specific website or application. While you might think that this method would annoy more people than it would attract, statistics show that roadblock display ads are incredibly effective at driving business. Our team of consultants at AIM can help you design roadblock ads that are cost effective and impactful.
  • Email Ads – You’re probably wondering how a display ad embedded into the body of an opt-in newsletter that you’re sending out to your loyal customers will really work. After all, they already know about you and they’re already customers – right? But never underestimate the power of a well-designed ad to drive business that may otherwise have waited for another day. Email display ads are a great way to market directly to your existing customer base and get them to take action on time-sensitive deals and specials, rather than waiting for them to come across your online display ad elsewhere. At AIM, we’re all about proactive measures with online advertising.
  • QR Codes – An exciting recent development in online and offline advertising is the QR code. You’ve probably seen them around; they look just like bar codes, but are square instead of rectangular. What are they, you ask? Just the latest trend in the ever evolving world of display advertising that enables a user to “scan” the QR code with their smartphone (provided they’ve downloaded a QR scanner app) to learn more about your product or services. Once the bar code is scanned, the user is driven to the website of your choice – whether the destination is your website landing page, a specifically dedicated information page, or product advertisement is entirely up to you. The team of consultants at Active Internet Marketing will work with you to decide what will guarantee you the best results.

Telling a Story in an Ad

You might be asking yourself “Why do I need a professional team of consultants to publish banner ads online? Can’t I do that myself?” The answer to the second question is yes, you can certainly do it yourself. But addressing the fine points involved in the first part of the question requires that we take a closer look at some of the complexities involved in online display advertising. Forget logistical concerns – the most important thing to achieve in display advertising is the ability to tell a story in a microscopic space. What that requires is nothing less than proven marketing experience, which is something you’ll get in abundance when you team up with the consultants at Active Internet Marketing.