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From a sales managers view point, this system is all I need to be able to effectively run my team.

Overall the service, reliability, and performance of AIM was great and I would recommend AIM to anyone.

Get started automating your marketing, tracking every detail, and closing more leads.

The Marketing Optimization Process

Marketing Optimization Process

Our time-tested processes make the most of your money, bringing the greatest return on marketing investments.


We actively drive your market to your network of websites.

We will display all your websites, social media profiles (yes, Twitter and Facebook generate leads too), and any other marketing materials you have to the exact people you expect to purchase.

We will find new categories of people that will buy your product and show them your marketing pitch.

Our leading edge marketing team will catapult your websites to the top of the search engines with amazing content, eye-popping artwork, and good old fashioned SEO.

We optimizing the advertising you are already running, but far more efficiently (better traffic, smaller investment).

Marketing Optimization Company

Generate leads by converting website visitors, purchasing them, and from social networking.

We will redesign, rewrite, and basically do everything it takes to maximize the conversion rates for all your landing pages and websites.
We examine the quality and profit generated from every type of lead and every campaign to make sure you are getting the best return on your advertising investments.
Use the marketing automation system to analyze visitor and lead behavior and nurture them by sending emails, sending text messages, and prompting sales team action to ripen your leads for the sale.
We will configure the entire marketing automation plan, including creating your email templates and email copy, and make sure that the right things happen at the right time.

All we need is a little input from you (no one knows your business like you do) and we will do all the legwork to make sure that your marketing automations are running smoothly and generating sales.

Closing leads doesn’t get any easier!

Your leads are comprised of only those people who want to purchase from you, they are totally warmed up and ready to buy, and your sales team never has to worry about who to call next.

Marketing Automation

“Call Today” List Keeps Sales Moving

Our lead management software makes it so your sales team never has to wonder who they are supposed to call, or when to call them. No more scanning lead lists for the next person to call; instead you have a list of those leads that need a call right now.

Their “Call Today” list changes as the day goes on and your sales team works their leads. The leads they call disappear until they need to be called again, and leads that need to be called appear throughout the day. Your sales team will love you because they can make twice the sales in half the time.

Find out more about how your sales team will benefit from our lead management software.
Data about your sales team’s behavior and the behavior of your sales leads is automatically gathered as you and your team work leads (Don’t worry, we set it all up for you, and it will never interfere with your normal business process).

Track and Analyze Every Lead

Track All Client Activity

Our expert marketing consultants will take that data and make real business decisions that will improve the efficiency of every marketing dollar you spend.
It’s the combination of our unique ability to gather data and the amazing expertise of our consultants that our clients typically see an increase of between 30%-50% in marketing ROI within 3 months.

You know your business, and you know your market.

Active Internet Marketing can take nearly everything off your plate so that you can spend your time talking to prospects and closing deals.
Call us to see how our combination of marketing technology and consultative expertise can immediately improve your bottom line.

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