Conversion Rate Optimization HealthConversion Rate Optimization sounds like a brainy concept, but in reality it’s pretty simple to understand. Sometimes referred to as CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization is just a fancy way of describing the goal of converting casual website visitors into paying customers. You do this by taking steps to keep people on your website longer, with the rationale that the more time a person sticks around, the more likely they are to buy. Easy enough, right? How that’s done, on the other hand, can be a pretty complex issue that requires a healthy dose of smart web design, statistical analysis, and strategic planning. If this is all starting to sound a little over your head and out of your league, don’t worry. That’s exactly why Active Internet Marketing exists in the first place: to take care of it all so that you don’t have to spend valuable time, effort, and money to figure out how to do it on your own.

How our CRO consulting helps you

There’s a lot that goes into turning casual web visitors into customers. When you bring AIM onto your team as a CRO consultant, you can accomplish this objective handily. In addition, you’ll also see three key results: an upswing in sales, a dramatic drop in spending, and boosted profits. With a high conversion rate, your sales will increase. This means you’ll also end up spending far fewer advertising dollars on attracting new customers. The net result of increased sales and lower spending? Higher profits. If that’s not a win-win-win, we don’t know what is.

How we do it

Let’s face it, not a lot of internet marketing consultation firms are forthcoming enough to tell you precisely how they do what they say they’re going to do. But at AIM, we don’t believe in guarding the “secret sauce” – primarily, because there’s no such thing. All of the methods that we employ to achieve maximum levels of Conversion Rate Optimization are the same that everyone else uses, but we think our attentive service and due diligence infuses our efforts with a little extra kick. Here’s a breakdown of how we do what we do, and how your company can benefit from those things.

  • We optimize the usability of your website. In other words, we revamp your website so that it’s easy to use. Remember, ease of use is key, especially when your goal is to get people to buy from you and to not take their business somewhere else. AIM achieves this by taking a long hard look at your existing web presence and telling you what can and should be changed to make the user experience even better. We’re not afraid to tell you if there’s something about your web design that’s chasing the customers away, and we’re certainly not short on answers on how to fix it.
  • We improve upon your web content. What that means is that we’ll carefully audit every single word of text that exists on your website. If we find that it’s not clear, compelling, or straightforward enough, we’ll point these areas out to you and make suggestions on how it can be improved. If this means wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch, that’s precisely what we’ll do. As a part of our Conversion Rate Optimization service, we take care of the rewriting of your site’s static content and design an online presence that’s not only easy on the eyes, but that’s also skillfully worded in a way that’ll improve sales with definitive calls to action and subtle, non-salesy language.
  • Testing, testing, and more testing. This is where a lot of DIY efforts usually lose steam and drive off the tracks altogether. But if you’re really going to tie everything together in a way that’s going to increase sales, you have to be willing and able to run tests and reports that tell you how your efforts are paying off. At AIM, we’ll track every move your customers make on your website and perform frequent analysis to identify problem areas and make necessary tweaks that’ll result in boosted sales and lowered abandon rates.

Without Conversion Rate Optimization, you’re essentially operating your online business at minimal capacity. That’s sort of like being behind the wheel of a race car and never getting it out of first gear. At Active Internet Marketing, we’ll be the clutch leg that helps get you in the race.